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Corporate Physicists
Peacock Solutions is a Business Intelligence consulting firm founded in 2016 by students from EPFL brought together by a passion for physics applied to business. Using scientific and mathematic approaches to problem solving, Peacock Solutions creates algorithms to elegantly address corporate problems. The result: a spectrum of solutions based on the laws of Physics with the goal of optimising client ROI through problem resolution.


Our core service is consulting and we can focus our solutions across a broad range of industries, from real estate to healthcare. Our consultants are placed in your offices and integrate with your team.

We are Enterprise Process Automation experts. This will let you more efficiently organise the HR management time.

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Web Dev

Can your services be improved by the addition of new business tools? Absolutely! To achieve that, we develop customised web platforms.

We provide turnkey solutions and guide you through the transition by training your team to make optimal use of these new tools.

Let us improve and enhance your communications and customer relations.

Web Dev


Innovation! That’s the spirit of Peacock Solutions. Our labs serve as our playground, and as phycisists we strive to push the envelope of science in all its aspects.

Data sciences is one of our favourite research subjects. Data management is one of the great challenges of any enterprise. Once a database reaches a certain size, errors can arise as a result of the living nature of the database and the evolution of the company. Understanding its dynamics requires a good corporate analysis.

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From startups to established enterprises, our clients and partners trust us to provide them with the solutions they need.