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Data-based buisness optimisation
Thermodynamics for Database Optimisation, Quantum Physics for Marketing Automation or Astrophysics applied to Management Structures, we know where to find solutions. We will put together a task-force composed of consultants from our team that meet your corporate needs and are dedicated to solving your problems. Our projects can last from a few weeks to many months, and therefore, we endeavour to ensure a solid understanding between your employees and our team.

Our Process

An algorithmic approach to your situation


An initial meeting will allow us to evaluate the profile that is most appropriate for your situation.
Step 1


We will study the feasibility of the project, and we will use due diligence to accept or decline a project based on our feasibility study.
Step 2


In collaboration with you, we will define the scope, costs and delivery date for the proposed solution.
Step 3


Development can take place over a period of days, weeks, months or longer. The requirements of this stage are agreed to in the project scope.
Step 4


We will deliver the solution according to the requirements and define a period of control to validate that the objectives have been met.
Step 5

Data Mining

Data Needs

We help you to define your data needs. For us, quality is worth more than quantity. To rapidly address your data needs, it is important not to be overwhelmed by too much data. Your business must be in line with your resources and we make it a point of honour to understand all the subtlety of your business so that your system is impregnated with the DNA of your company.

Data Sources

How do you get quality data? Where do you go to get them? Which suppliers are to be trusted? These are issues that we face on a daily basis. We can help you find trusted vendors or build your own data collection system. Big DATA is a fashionable word. However, it should not be forgotten that above all, the problem of sorting through too much information is the highest priority.

Data Legislation

Our role isn't to do just anything with the data. The laws are clear and must be respected, otherwise your company is exposed to negative legal consequences. We are here to help you take account of these aspects with all the attention they deserve. We keep you informed of all updates in terms of data protection and help you to bring your systems in compliance with standards. This is our course of action.

Data Management

Database Cleaning

A database is a living object. And like every living thing, it is necessary to take care of it. Clearing a database is not easy—the presence of duplicates is a scourge that many companies encounter after a number of years of operation. We are procedural and we like that every piece of information is in its rightful place. If this seems like a familiar problem that you encounter frequently, then you understand that your time and money are being depleted. You have come to the right place to solve these problems.

Process Automation

Cleaning a database is one thing, keeping it clean is another. Depending on your system, we create algorithms capable of automatically maintaining a high level of cleanliness. This will allow you to allocate your human resources to more gratifying and much more useful tasks for the development of your buisness. We are specialist in automation and ensure that the solution provided is stable over time and does not generally require any updates or interventions on your part.

Workflow Optimisation

From experience, we know that a poorly maintained database is the result of poor work management and unoptimised employee access controls on the database. All your employees need access to the data, but not all of them need modification rights. We advise you to adjust your access controls such that your workflow meets your objectives in exploiting your data.

Data Capitalisation

Marketing Automation

Data = money! It may be time for your data to begin accuring its true value. We study your marketing strategies, and adapt them to your system in order to automate aspects of your communication strategy. What criteria should be used to contact a customer? How and when should they be contacted? What is the objective of contacting them? We build custom solutions by paralellising your data with our knowledge in statistical probability and physics, because yes, marketing also follows certain laws of physics.

Database Migration

System modification can quickly manifest a big challenge in data-transfer. We accompany you in your transition and advise you to avoid costly errors that will have time consuming resolutions if you begin your migration without taking the necessary preliminary steps. We also help you judge the quality of the program proposals you receive to ensure that they fit your needs. And we build a hierarchy of communication between databases for companies that operate with multiple systems in parallel.

Digital Transition

Digital communication has become of paramount importance for companies in search of visibility! We help you in this transition, whether in terms of image or strategy, to adapt you to the new norms of social networks. This is the fun part of our work, and we enjoy sharing all our resources to propel you to the front of the line. The management of your digital content and training in these new tools will be supported by specialists in the field.